Ascent Launches “Life’s Work” Campaign with Christian McCaffrey

Leading clean protein brand kicks off new athlete partnership with new brand campaign

DENVER (May 30, 2019)­­ — Ascent, a sports nutritioncompany committed to providing clean performance products to athletes, launches “Life’s Work” brand campaign, featuring professional football player Christian McCaffrey. Ascent launched the campaign on May 14,2019 to showcase moments throughout Christian McCaffrey’s life that shaped him into the all-pro athlete he has become. The “Life’s Work” campaign can be found online here:

“Ascent is dedicated to offering clean products that support hard-working athletes, like Christian, in all of their goals and athletic endeavors,” says Paul Vraciu, general manager of Ascent Protein. “For this campaign we set out to showcase the amount of hard work Christian has put in to get to where he is today—one of the best running backs in the league.” 

Since starting his professional career, McCaffrey has quickly become one of the league’s top all-purpose running backs. His commitment to his goals and hard work led him through a record-breaking 2018 season, where he tallied up a combined total of 1,965 all-purpose yards and broke the single-season record for most receptions by a running back with 107 catches. 

“Throughout my life I have worked hard to get where I am. No one is handed anything in life, it’s hard work and commitment that makes things happen,” says Christian McCaffrey. “I am proud to partner with a company like Ascent, who is passionate about supporting athletes who spend their days putting in the work.” 

The “Life’s Work” campaign was designed and created by TDA Boulder, an independent advertising and creative design agency based in Boulder, Colorado that has worked on a number of creative campaigns for Ascent.“Life’s Work” follows Christian through key childhood moments that made him fall in love with football and tells the backstory behind his life as an athlete. 

“When we first started working on the Christian McCaffrey campaign the team at TDA knew who Christian was and that his evolution from college to professional football was an easy fit for Ascent’s Official Sponsor of Hard Work Platform,” says TDA Boulder Creative Director Jeremy Seibold. “However, when we stepped back and dove in deeper, we realized that he wasn’t just special for his recent accomplishments, he is special because of how long he has been working towards those goals. This is what helped us to create a more meaningful story to represent Ascent and Christian McCaffrey’s partnership.” 

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About Ascent Protein: Ascent Native Fuel™ is the benchmark in protein purity and is The Official Sponsor of Hard Work™. Drawing from 30 years of experience making protein, Ascent only uses milk from trusted dairy farmers and filters the protein in its own facilities. Ascent uses zero artificial ingredients and avoids harmful steps such as "bleaching." Aligning with the admirable qualities in the athletes that Ascent serves -- going that extra mile, completing an extra set and never backing down from a challenge – Ascent pushes for high-quality results, knowing they do not come without hard work. For more information, visit

 About TDA_Boulder: TDA_Boulder, based in Boulder, Colorado, is a strategically driven, independent creative agency that believes conventions were made to be broken. TDA_Boulder works with clients including Justin's Nut Butter, Ascent Protein, FirstBank, Copper Mountain and Daiya Foods. For more information, visit


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