Primus Fuels Big City Mountaineers’ Transformative Mentorship Program

Brunton, Primus provide fleet of stoves, compasses, other tools for backcountry experiences

LOUISVILLE, Colo. (May 3, 2018) — Fenix Outdoor brands Primus and Brunton announce today their partnership with Big City Mountaineers, a U.S.-based non-profit organization that instills critical life skills in under-resourced youth through transformative mentorship programs in the outdoors. Through this partnership, Primus, a global leader in outdoor cooking equipment, and Brunton, the legacy compass manufacturer based in Riverton, Wyoming, will each provide essential equipment like multifuel backpacking stoves and compasses to youth programs.

“The outdoors is an empowering and transformative place for youth to explore landscapes and their own potential,” says Liz Weiss, marketing manager for Primus and Brunton in the U.S. “Primus strives to make equipment that’s reliable and easy-to-use, and partnering with Big City Mountaineers, we hope to empower participants to forget about trailside stress and focus on what cooking a meal in the backcountry is all about: bringing the group together, enjoying high-quality food and sharing stories from the day.”

Big City Mountaineers aims to leave a lasting impact on the lives of under-resourced youth through wilderness expeditions that help kids to develop the confidence they need for more promising futures. The programs focus on improving self-esteem, sense of responsibility, group communication and decision-making skills of nearly 1,000 youth annually. Each trip promises a 1:1 mentor-to-child ratio, so that each participant can get the attention and guidance they need to be successful in the outdoors.

“Partnering with Primus and Brunton—brands who have both been staples of the industry for generations—plays an essential role in granting youth across the country the opportunity to partake in wilderness experiences that will have a powerful impact on their lives,” says Bryan Martin, executive director of Big City Mountaineers. “We are thrilled to have Primus and Brunton join us in the backcountry and help us get more youth on the trail.”

From Everest to Big City Mountaineers

With a storied history of pioneering and outdoor expeditions rooted in Stockholm, Sweden, Primus has been creating high-quality products for outdoor use since 1892, when F.W. Lindquist invented the first soot-free kerosene stove and named it “Primus.” Since then, the brand has evolved from a maker of household stoves to a leader in outdoor cooking equipment. Primus’ durable and fuel-efficient outdoor cooking equipment has accompanied pioneers on treks all over the globe, including the Andree expedition to the North Pole, Roald Amundsen’s exploration of the South Pole, and Sir Edmund Hillary’s the first ascent of Mount Everest.  

OmniLite Ti stove from Primus

OmniLite Ti stove from Primus

Today, Primus continues to create reliable, innovative and environmentally-friendly products, from ultra-light backcountry stoves and tools to car-camping grills and utensils, that are easy and safe to use. As part of the partnership, Primus will provide Big City Mountaineers with multi-fuel expedition stoves, like the award-winning, ultra-light OmniLite Ti and Omnifuel stoves. 

Wyoming-based compass-maker provides instruments, instructional materials

Brunton was founded in 1894, when a Canadian-born geologist and mining engineer in Denver designed the Pocket Transit Compass, a precision instrument that became the gold standard for outdoor professionals in need of functionality, durability and craftsmanship from their equipment. Since then, Brunton has continued to push the limits as a world-class navigation company, and is committed to providing reliable, durable and high-quality instruments to explorers, adventurers, and professionals who demand accurate data from their equipment.

Brunton's TruArc 5 Compass

Brunton's TruArc 5 Compass

Brunton manufactures its compasses and tools in Riverton, Wyoming, and will provide a fleet of Instructor Kits and TruArc 5 compasses to Big City Mountaineers. TruArc compasses are ideal mapping compasses with base plates that have map grid lines for quick orientation and a magnifier for easy reading. Brunton’s Instructor Kits are designed to impart skills and enthusiasm for personal navigation to students. Each kid includes 24  TruArc 3 compasses, an instruction manual, student workbook, lesson plan with field guide, instructor compass, and soft case with custom foam insert. 


About Primus: Swedish company Primus has been creating products for outdoor use since 1892. They have been tested on expeditions by such pioneers as Fridtjof Nansen, Roald Amundsen and Sir Edmund Hillary. Today, Primus is known for its reliable, safe and innovative products that make people enjoy their outdoors adventures— both big and small. The focus is on creating environmentally friendly, easy to use and lightweight products. Primus AB, based in Solna (Sweden), is an independent part of Fenix Outdoor AB. Primus products are sold in more than 70 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit  

About BruntonAt Brunton, we come to work with a clear vision: remove any obstacles that stand between our customers and their passion to stay outdoors. It’s been this way since 1894, when D.W. Brunton created the now legendary Pocket Transit― a compact, precision compass that continues to give outdoorsman the confidence to push beyond the beaten path. Today, this spirit of indestructible innovation lives in the form of professional-grade solutions as tough and diverse as the rugged Rocky Mountains that we’ve called our laboratory for over 125 years. Our goal is to build products as tough as the people who get to use them and to allow these users to push themselves and our products to extend their adventure. For more information, please visit

Primus Contact: Emily Banks
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Brunton Contact: Maddy Fones
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